Luggage Loss: How to Protect Yourself and What to spec IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED to You

Statistics Claim That Most Offten Luggage Loss Occurs During a Transplanta Aircraft To Another, As Well as Because of the Errors of Baggage on the Aircraft. Typically, Tourists Get Their Bags and Suitcases Back Within Two Days. BUT IF Two Days Havy Passed, and The Luggage Is Still Not Returned, The Chances of this Significantly Falling.

In Order Not to Part with your Things Forever, You Shoup Follow The Following Rules (Advice):

1. Buy a Ticket for a Direct Flight.

2. COME to the AirPort Some Time Before The Start of Registration.

3. Make A List of What Was in Your Bag. Thanks to this list, it will be easier for you to prove this is your baggage.

4. Hang on the suitcase Birka, Where the Date and Place of Departure Will Be Written, As Well as Your Surname

5. Do Not Leave Valuable and Dear Things in Your Luggage.

6. It is to have the Necessary Things in Hand Luggage.

7. And Most Importantly: Build Your Luggage.

Now Consider the Worst Case: Luggage Loss.

FIRST of All, Contact the Lost & Found Office, Which Works Around the Clock. There you will be asked to write a stateent, Pressent a ticket with a luggage tag, as well as descrybe the suitcase, its size, SPECIAL SIGNS, Color, MATRIAL FROMH IT IS MADE , and Other Characteristics.  

The Act Shoup Be Drawn Up in Several Copies – One of Which to Send the Company’s Management, and Leave the Second. An employe of the Airline Who Helped to DRAW UP, Take The Phone Number – Perhaps Soblems Will Arise with The Search for Baggage. IF the Airline Values ​​Its Reputation, The It Will Allocate a Free Loan to You for the Most Necessary (Usually The Amount Is Up To $ 50).

Loss of Baggage: How Much To Wait?  

The Company Usually Engaged in the Search for Your Suitcases for to Three Weeks. Usually, Baggage Is Found Much Earlier. But if the suitcase was not found in 3 Weeks, it is considered and the company is obliged to pay compensation.

Material Damage for Luggage Loss Is Calculated On the Principle of $ 20 Per 1 KG of Weight. Russian Airlines, According to the Air Code, Pay for 600 Rubles for Each Kilogram. The Total Weight Is Determined by the CouPon, Which is Attached to the Air.

IF All of the ABOVE DID Not Give Results, The You Shoup Go to Court at the Place of Residence. In Most Cases, The Court Decides in Favor of the Victim.