Cars have Grown in Price.

A Greater Increase in Cost Has Been Notrid in Cars No Older than Three Years. Ringing PRICES ONED CARS Began in Novmber Last Year. SOME POSITIONS INCREASED Almost Half, Especially Among Cars of 2011-2012 Release. The Reason for EVERYTHING WAS THE GROWTH of DEMAND for Mileage Cars, At the End of Last Year, People Rushed to Buy Up Cars Due to the Growth of the Exchange Rate and the Falls Uble. Manager of Auto-Start D. Pilipenko Says that in December 2014 They Came to work early in the Morning, They Watched in Their Cabin a Queue of a Dozen People. For a month, Sales amounted to 550 Cars, Which is two more than in november.

CARODILERS OF SUpported CARS NOTE CUSTOMERS WERE MAINLY IntERESTEDE in Quite Expensive Cars, For Example, Toyota Camry, Toyota Land Ciser, BMW X5 and X6. Used in the Demand of A Usscow – Audi, Nissan, Volkswagen, Also Risen in Price.

“Most Russians Rushed to Buy Cars to Invest in the Purchase and Not Lose Money When Falling the Ruble. TheFore, Customers Paid Attend to Fresh Cars More, Which Do Not Lose Price When Resale, ” – The General Director of Mega -Auto yu. Marl.

But not all Dealers Weres Lucky in Sales. The Sellers Had to Reduce The Cost of Cars “Jaguar”, “Mercedes” E-Class and “Renault Duster”. Price for Supported Cars Overs 5 Years Old Grew Slowly, SO It Was Not Possible to Earn Money On Their Sale.

Director of avtostat with. Tselikov Claims that in the New Year 2015, Sales of Cars Will Fall by 15-20%, and New Oones-by 40%.