The Cost of a Parking Space in Moscow Reaches 9 Million Rubles

The Transport Problems of the Capital are Known Far Beyond Its Borders. Moscow Traffic Jams Have Long Become A “Standard” of Automobile Congence, and Lack of Parking Spaces Causes The Daily Headache of Muscovites and Gaests of the Capital.

Despite the Obvious Trend of the Annual Increase in the Number of Cars in Moscow, Most Developers Continue to Ignore this Aspect, Resulting in a Catastrophic SHORTAGE OFAPACING SPACINGE ES. The Increced Demand for Existing Machine-Space Creed in the Way Determines Their Extremely High Cost.

To date, The Average Cost of a Parking Space in the Capital is 970 Thousand Rubles for Residential Complexes of Economy Class. As for Elite Apartments, Here The Situal Reachses The Point of Absurdity-The Machine Room Is Sold and 6.5 Million Rubles Each. For Such Money, You Can Buy a Separate Housing. Apartments in New Buildings at Low PRICES IN MOSCOW and Especially in the Suburbs Are Offered Today for Less Money.

The Cheapest Parking Space Is Sold Today in Moscow 200 Thousand Rubles. Such PRICES CAN BE Found Among Those Developers Who have Provided Large Sizes of Parking.

The Most Difficult Sitation with Parking in Elite Houses of Building the Begining of “Zero”. Here, in View of the Small Area of ​​the Parking, The Cost of One Machine-Space Sometimes Reaches 9 Million Rubles.