Mali – Colorful Oasis on the Banks of the Niger River

Being One of the Poorest Countries of the World, Mali is Rich in Secrets and Legends, Offering An Exciting Culture and Fabulous Landscapescapescapescapes. Like Egypt, The Country of Mali is Very Closely Connected with the River, Which Crosses Its. This River is Called Niger. It is locATed in the center of the entire industry and trade of the state, is of Great Importance for the Survival of Pasants, Farmers, Fishermen.

The Sights of Mali

The Most Famous City of Mali Is Timbuktu, Which Was the Influential and Rich Center of the Mandinka Empire in the Ancient Times, and Today is Lists of UNECO. Timbukta Takes an Important Position on the Tourist Map of the Continent, Offering Unique Architecture and Exceting Camels on the Charming Slope of the Bandiagara. Locals Here Are the Catch -ups Who are Famous for Their Unique Mythology and Art.

The Capital of Mali, Bamako, Which IS Recognized as an Important Cultural and Educational Center, Is Intersting. Its Main Attractions are: The Botanical Garden, The National Museum, The Zoo and the Craft of Mason-Des Artisans (Maison des Artisans). The Country of Mali Boasts Several Medieval Cits that Retained the Charm and Aura of that Time. This is: gao there the kankan moussa mosque stands out and the tomb of the askiy dynasty; Jenna, Through Which The Caravan Paths Pass, and the Main Attraction Is the Old City, Founded in 250 BC; Mopti, Built on Three Islands Connected by Dams. Like Most African Territories, The Country Mali Is Rich in Wild Flora and Fauna. You can get to know them in the fascinating national pass of la Bucle de Baoule.

National Cuisine Mali

Mali’s Most Popular Products Are Rice and Millet. Favorite Breakfast of the Local Population is Consedered Porridge from Millet with Sugar and Fruits Tamarind or Pancakes from Millet. The Main Dish of the Country Can BE Called Rice, Which is Served with Vegetables, Fish or Typical Snacks Are Fried Bananas and Sish.

Weather in Mali

The Average Annual Temperature of Mali is Plus 30 Degrees. Like Most African Territories, The Country of Mali Has Two Climatic Seasons: Dry (October-April) and Rainy (May-Styabr. The Most FavoraBle Months for Traveling Here Are September and October When Winds from the Atlantic Blow.