The Smallest African State, The Country of San Tome and Principi is located in the gulf of Guinea in West Africa. Two Islands Located at a Distance of 140 Kilometers from Each Other Are Part of a Mountain Chain of Extint Volcanoes. They Offer the Nature of Rare Beauty and Exotic. The Local Landscape Consists of Rocky Coasts, Dense Forests and Beaches Dotted with Charming Palm Trees, and Its Tropical Jungle Is Inhabed by Fabulus Birds.

Attractions of San Tome and Principia

Country San Tome and Principi Can Boast of His Enchanting Waterfalls. Particularly Beautiful Boka de Inferno (Boca de Inferno) and Sao Nicolau. Not far from the Capital of San-Tome Is the Ancient City of Fishermen San Juan-Dos Angolares and the San Sebastian Fortress, Which Contains an Interesting Museum.

The Main City of Principi, Santo-Atonio Is Glorified by Its Colonial Architecture and Ancient Atmosphere, Located Nearby, The Plantation of the Cacao Agosto (AGOSTO Inho Neto), is a vivid Example of the Colonial Past of the Island. Other Visited Plantations are Akua Ize, Monte Cafe (Monte Cafe) and Ribeira Peixe. The Rest in the Resorts of Ileu Bom Bom (Ilheu Bom Bom), Were Transparent Waters of the Atlantics Wash Picturesque Beaches with White and Black Sand.

The Country of San Tome and Principi Offers Another Amazing Sight: In July and October, Hunchbacked Whales Gather Around the Island, Which Arrange Excitation Marriage Hame Hamiage Hame Hamiage Hame Hamiage Hame Hamriage Hames Hames Hames Hames Hame Ere.

National Cuisine San Tome and Principia

Plant ROOTS, VEGETABES PREPARED In Palm Oil, and Bananas Are the Main Ingredents that Country of San Tome and Principi Uses for Its Traditional Cuisine. Residents of the Islands and Meat Do Not Refuse the Holidays. Kozlyatin, Chicken and Beef Are Especially Popular, Which, Most Offten, Is Prepareed on Grill.   Richer Families Areparing Feijojoada – Stewed Beans with Meat. Palm Wine is the Main Local Drink.

Weather in San Tome and Principia

Perhaps, from june to september, it is to visit San Tome and Principi, Because at that time is not so Hot and Humid. The Temperature Indicators on the Islands are Held with 22 – 30 Degrees, Throughhout the Year. The Hottest in January, and More Rainy in March, When The Rain May Not Stop For a Day.