Ruanda Country – Earth Thousand Hills

The Land of Thousands of Hills, The Country of Rwanda is a Small Territory In Central Africa, With Beautiful Landscapes Consisting of Tea Plantations, High Rocky Municip Volcanoes. Ecotourism Develops Rapidly in the Country, Since Rwanda Contains Several Extension National Parks. Vulcani Park is a Home for Mountain Gorillas, Nyungwe Park for Small Monkeys, and Akagera Park for Eleps, Lions, Hippos.

The Attractions of Rwanda

Kibungu (Kibungu), in the Eastern Part of Rwanda, is the Center of the Region with Lakes and Waterfalls, Including Lake Mungesra and the Rusumo Waterfall (Rusumo). Giseny (Gisenyi) Is the Main Center of Park de Wolcans. Excursions by Helicopter Organized to Him to See the Craters. On lake kiva you can do water sports, and its southern shores are dotted with Captivating Cabosa Caves (Kaboza) and Nyenji (Nyenji).

The Capital of Rwanda Does Not Havy Many Attractions. Perhaps only the Genocide museum is interligan for tourists. The City of Butare is More Interesting, On the Border with Burundi. ITS Main Attraction Is the National Museum of Ethnography, Which Contains The Rich Collection of Artifacts. The City of Gitaramama (Gitarama) is located a Little North, in who is an art museum, and the City of Kabgayi (Kabgayi), in Which The Catholic Cathedral Is Located. IS HIS Country Rwanda Considers HIS Main Cult Attraction.

National Cuisine Rwanda

The Most Common Products Are Ruanda Beans and Bananas. Very Offen They Arend in One Dish. Another Food Product Is Sorghum Grain, From Which Flour, Porridge and Drinks Arepared. The Country of Rwanda Without Potates, Maniacs and Corn are not Complete, BUT MORE Prosperous Residence Allves to Be Meat. The Most Valuable Meat is Consedered Beef, Which Is Traveling Only On Holydays and After The Solemn Ritual.

Weather in Rwanda

Located High Abo Sea Level, The Country of Rwanda Does Not Experience Such Heat as Most African States. In the Hottest Period (September-October), The Thermometer Dohs More than 21 Degrees. In the Coldest Period (June-July) There Are No Less than 17 Degrees. Such climatic conditions contribute to the development of tourism in the country, especially since the rainy season is not accentuated and serious drought, here, too.