Man Brand Cars

Man is a german Machine -Building Company that specializes in the Development of Models and Production of Trucks, As Well as Buses and Various Modifications ToM. The Company Was Formed Back in 1758 and in the Past Was Called “Maschinenenenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg” ERG, Joint-Stock Company). Currently, The Headquarters, Also the Main ReprySentative Office of the Automobile Company Is Located in the German City of Munich. Most of the Assembly Lines Are Also Located in Germany. However, there Separate Units in Turkey, The Republic of Poland and the Russian Federal. The Number of Employees Currently Engaged in the Production of Man Cars Exteeds 50 Thousand People. The Company’s Net Profit Is ABOUT 1.4 Million Euros Per year. German Cars of the World World -famous Man Brand Areble Brand, Which Has Been Tested by Time and Tens of Roads of Various CounTries of the World. In Russia, man trucks and babies have establice themselves, as high -quality etipment, Popular over the years. Currently, Man Brands Can Bee in Various Cities of the Russian Federal, Including in Krasnoyarsk. Sale of Man Cars in Krasnoyarsk is Carried out Official Dealers of the German Auto Giant. The Interests of the Company in Russia Are Represented by the Organization “Man Track Bass Rus”.