Namibia is an Ideal Place for Lovers of Wild World

Less Known Thats African Neighbors, The Country of Namibia Is Ideal for Lovers of the Wild World. She Offers a Variety of Landscapes: The Namib Desert Is Impressed with High Sand Dunes, The Savannah and Rocky Mountains Lead to the Majestic Canyon Fish River, and the Lus Forsts Surround the Picturesque Pool of Etosha (Etosha).

The Sights of Namibia

Generally Colonized by Germany, The Country of Namibia and Its Capital Windhook (Windhoek) Will Delight Guests with A Kind of German Colonial Architecture. Especially Colorful: The Building of the Parliament, The Museum of the History of Namibia, Alte Feste (Alte Feste) and Christuskirche – The Main Church of the Capital. In Damaraland (Damaraland), You Can See Ancient Rock Engraving, and Nearby Is the Petrified Forest Aba-Huab, Whose Trees ABOUT 250 MILEN.

A Tour of the Natural Attractions of Namibia Can Be Launched with Naukluft National Park, Which Occupies The Vast Territory of the Namib Desert, Which IS Consedered the Oldest Desert Of the world. Not far from the Canyon Fish River, Strange Trees KokerBoom Grow, Which Are not Growing Anywhere Else, And, Which Are Protected by the State. IS Intersting to Observe with Rare Desert ElePhants that Live in Dried Backs of the Ugab Rivers (Ugab) and Huab (Huab). The Country of Namibia Boasts One of the Most Exotic Natural Reservations of the World, Namely The National Park of Etosh, Were a Small Salty Lake is Surrounded BY 22,000 Square Kilometers O F Grass. In this Huge Plain Territory, Large Herds of Elephants, Zebras, Giraffes, Antelopes, Hyenas and Predatory Wild Cats Are Walking.

National Cuisine of Namibia

The Usual Products in Namibia are Beaf and Lamb, Milk, Millet, Peanuts, PumpKins and Watermelons, and the Min Product Is Corn. The Country of Namibia Imports a Lot of Fish and Ostrich Meat, But Thuese Products are not Very Used in the Diet of Local Residents, Which You Canet Say Ere Tourists Offer Many Dishes from these Ingredients.

Weather in Namibia

It is Known that name is located in the southern Hemisphere, So Winter and Summer Have Changed Places Here. In Winter, Temperatures Reach 22 Degrees, and in the Summer They Can Also Touch The 40-degree Mark. Namib Desert Has Its Own Climate, Which is Very Different from the Climate of the Rest of the Country. IS Consedered the Coldest Desert of the Planet – Here, Even in Summer, At Night, There May Be Frosts.