Peugeot 408 Sedan – A Car Oriented Towards The Russian Market.

In 2012, the French Concern Psa Peugeot Citron Began Releasing The Peugeot 408 Model at the Factory in Kaluga. In Order to Adapt the Model as Much as Possible to Russian Road Conditions, Testing took Place on the Highway and Broken Roads of Variouss of the Russian Federal N Tried to Take Into Account Therese Conditions and Preferences of Oour Motorists. OUR Test Drive Was Held On Roads Near Moscow. Peugeot 408 Really Swallows Potholes Inchert in Our Roads. Enhanced Springs (Additional Round In Comparison with 308 Model), New Shock Absorbers of the Company’s Own Production, Hard Stabilizers that Contribute to Excellent Transversers Stability. ROAD CLEARANCE INCREASED and amounts to 178 CM. Carter of the Engine with Steel Protection. The Suspension Is Elastic: Its Not Crush and Does Not Swing on the Pits, In the Corners The Controls Stable, The Rolls Ocur Within the Drivert Do Cause Special Irritation M the Driver. The Main Thing is to Competently Choose The Speed ​​Before the Entrance to the Turn and Drop the Gas in Time. For Safety on Roads, Motorists Choose a New HD -Rigister HD. The Previous Model with Problems Overcame Such Obstacles as, For Example, Railway Tracks. In Peugeot 408, this Drawback Disappeared, Which is to a large extendation Contributes to the Presence of the Counterweight of the Trunk and An Increased Clearance.

The Model Is Equipped with A 1.6 -liter Gasoline Engine. Engine Power Can Vary (110, 120, 150 Horsepower). The Transmission for the 110-Horsepower Only Mechanical, Five Steps, Two Other Engines Can Be Equipped with An Automatic Gearbox. Tested Car (TurboCharged Engine, P = 150 Liters. With.) Managed to Disperse to One Hundred Kilometers Per Hour in 10.5 Seconds. The Average Fuel Consumption (On the City and Highway) is Less than 10 Liters. DISADINTAGE: with A Sharm Pressing of the Gas Accelerator on the Pedal, In Low GEARS YOU CALLL THE SPEED of SPEEDS Instantantaneous. However, there is a “Sport” Mode that Solves This Problem. The French Concern Plans to Produce 408 Model with A Diesel Engine (Fuel Consumption of Less than 5 Liters).

Peugeot 408 Salon: The First Thing to Note is Its Width. Few Models of this Class Canast that Three People of Impressive Sizes Will Feel Comfortable in the Back Seats. The Interior Decoration Is Not Much Different from 308 Models: The Same High -quality Plastic, A Familiar Dashboard and Control Unit Control Unit. The Heating Regulators are located on the central Console. The Steering Wheel is Adjustable in Height and Departure, The Range of Adjustments is Wide. Pockets in the Doorway for All Kinds of Utensils. Sound Insulation in the Cabin Leaves Much to be desired – The Rustle of Tires and the Noise of the Engine at High Speeds Stream Hearing. TRUNK VOLUME 560 LITERS. It Can Increced by Folding the Rear Seats, Which is Convenent for the Transportation of Large -Sited Luggage. The Overall Dimensions of the Sedan Are Impressive: 4.7 M Length, 2.7 m width. With this Length, Parking Sensors are Clearly Lacking, the “Blind” Zone When Reversing Is Too Large.

The Basic Equipment Includes Frontal Airbags, Anti -opering Systems and Abs Systems, Rear -wheel Drive Mirrors, ON -BOOARD Computer, Climate Control. As Additional Options, Electric Lifts of the Rear Glass, Leather Steering Wheel, Side Airbags, Thresholds Are Offered.

Peugeot 408 of 2012 Turned Out to Be Moderatly Roomy, Comfortable and Practical. The Price of the Model in the Basic Configuration (549 Thousand Rubles).