Postings on Nissan Sunny

A Small and Compact Car Began to Be Produed in 1966, Althrow Many Consider the 1981 Reference Point. True, at that time it was Called Datsun 1000. The Popular Car Model is in Demand in Europe and America. She is lined by car Owners of Russia. This car has many adowstages – Excellent Basic Equipment, Stylish Appeairance, Efficiency and Good Technical Characteristics. Stags on Nissan Sunny – Front and Rear

The Serviceability of the Car and Its Technical Condition Must Be Monitored Constantly. Especially Such Parts as Racks. Posters on Nissan Sunny FB15 – A VERY Important Spare Part. It is with makes it Possible to Stop and Drive the Car Most Effective. You do not forget to check the concight of the Brakes, The Condition of the Racks Also Needs to Be Constantly Monitored. The Jammed Front or Back Racks Offten Lead To An Accident.

IF your Notice that Front Racks on Nissan Sanny Are Faulty, They Must Be Replaced. The Rear Racks on Nissan Sunny Also Need to Be Controlled and, IF Necessary, Replace. To this, we read that you only those racks What Quality is tested by Time and Most Users. For Example: • Kyb – Models of these Racks have an International Certificate. And Equippeed with Valves Having a Manaufacturr Patent.• Koni – Details from the Dutch Manaufacturer, Which Are Specially Made for this Car. Different Series of Racks, Each of Which Is Focused on A Specific Method of Driving the Driver.• Bilstein – Front Racks from the Manoufacturer from Germany. Differ in High ReliaBility and Excellent Quality. Divined Into Gas Racks, and Oil.

Kayaba Racks on Nissan Sunny Will Ensure The Increased Stability of Your Vehicle and Its Easy Handling. They Are Even Better than the Original Racks in Their Characteristics. Their Power Is Increased by Eighty Percent, and the Strength of the Resistance to a Fife Stretch. Thus Racks Retain High Comfort and Increased Handling. Replacing racks

The Replaceement of the Racks Nissan Sunny Sunny Still Be Carried out of specialists who know onse Actions Competently and Correctly. But IF do not have SUCH An Opportunity, or You have Special Skills, and Have Alread Your Car Yourself, You Can do It Yourself.

Replacing the Front Racks Nissan Sunny Will Require Special Preparation of Tools for this Action. You Will Need Heads, Key, Jack, Special Lubricant, Keys, Hammer. HAVING PREPARED TOOLS, We Prepare the Car Itself. Apply a Jack, Open The Hood and Nuts Lubricate with Grease. Excess Both Hoses, Abs and Brake. Unscrew the Nuts. The Stand is Removed, and the Spring Is Removed. To Lower The Jack, Put Someting Under the Wheel. Now Apply Screen. A New Stand Shoup Be Pumpeed. You Turn the Shock Absorber So that is STEM is BELOW, and Squeeze It for A Few Seconds. Turn Over and Squeeze Again ABOUT FIVE Seconds. Try to Put the STEM COMPLETELY. All these Actions NEED to be Repeated Several Times. The Racks Pumped, and Now they Cannot Be Droped, But to Keep it in A Position When The Stem Is at the Top. Check Its Smooth Move. For this, Several Times Sharply Try to Squeeze Its. Until The Moment When You Install The Rack, You Must Not Lower it with A Rod Down – Only Up. Collecting a Rack, All Risks Must Be Combined. Do -EVERYTHING IN No Hurry and Carefully. Screw the Top of the Rack and the Bottom. Tighten The Nuts, Connect the Hoses and EVERYTHING IS DONE. The Condition of the Rear Racks Must Be Constantly Monitored, As Well as the Front. Be sure to this after the Cold Season. It is in Winter that racks receive the laargest Load. On Nissan Sunny’s Replaceement of the Rear Racks Is Carried Out as Follows.

The Space Around the Car Before Starting Actions is Best Cleaned of Pollut and Unnecessary Tools. The Machine Rates Using the Jack. The Rear Wheels are Removed from the Car. Unscrew the Stabilizer Nut and Disconnect The Abs Hose and Brake, Which is Held by A SPECIAL BRACKET. Process The Nuts with Lubrication and First Unscrew the Nut Nuts. At this time, you cannot unscrew the central. This nut Holds The Rod. Remove The Rack Very Carefully. The Spring Canst Against the Chairs, So Carefully Pull it. Now you cancrew the central nut that remained. AFTER that, the Shock Absorber Is Removed from the Spring. Springs are removed, and the buffer is also Removed. Each Detail IS Thoroughhly Cleaned of Accumulated Dirt. Prepare a New Rack, and Put a boot on it. Now We Install Each Part in the Reverse Order. We Tighten The New Nuts. Good Repairs and Safe Trips on a Serviceable and Favorite Car You.