Excursion to Exotic Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius Consists of the Main and Most Populated Island of Mauritius, The Least Popular Island of Rodriguez, Archipipels Kargados Carajos (Cargados Cargados Cargados Cargados Cargados Carajos ) And Small Islands of Agaleg. Located Near Africa, The Country of the Mauritius IS Influence by English and French Ties and Mainly Indian Labor. She has a dramatic landscape with wild peaks and magnificent Plateau, Which Are Protexted by Coral Reefs Off the Coast. In the North-West of the Country Is the Capital of Port Louis and the South-After Resort Grand Baie, Which Is Surrunded by the Most Beautiful and Most Idylllllic Platiffs Island. The East Coast Offers a Wide Section of Belle Mare Beaches, and the Former Capital of Mahebourg Is Located in the South. From the Small Islands Stands Out The Island of O-Cherfs with Its Charming Beaches and a Magnify Golf Field.  

The Attractions of Mauritius

The Unique Museum of Postage Stamps and the Museum of Natural History, Along with Colorful Colonial Architecture, Are the Min Attractions of Port Louis.   The Bird Park of Kasela Bird, In Which More than 140 Species of Birds from All Continents of the Planet Live, and the Rarest Is the Pink Pieon is not Far Away.

Tourists who have arrive in Mauritius Can Take a Gardens of Pamplemousses, a Botanical Garden Dated to the 18th Centh, Or Aquarium Wherepes of Fish, Inver. Tebrates, Living Corals From Surrounding Waters Live. This Delightful Aquarium Has a Small Pool Where CHILDREN CAN TUCH Living FISH. The Islands have an Excitation Story and Are Surrounded by Many Legends, Which Mauritius Proposes to Get Acquainted with the Council Historical Museum in Maenburg, Whurg, WHUR Ere You Can Find Out ABOUT THE DUTCH, French and British Period of Its History.

National Cuisine Mauritius

Restaurants Mauritius Offer Creole, Indian, Chinese and European Dishes, But Do Forget ABOUT THEIR NATIONAL CULINARY CREATIONS.   Here You can try exotic dohll purri – Wheat Pancakes with Tomato Sauce and Carry, Meat Fratas and Samousas, and From Desserts The Most Preferred and Tasty Is. Mauritius Country is Known for Skillful Cooks that Perfectly Use Their Culinary Abilites for Cooking Excordes According to Their Own Recipes.

Weather in Mauritius

The Subtropical Marine Climate is Characteristic of the Islands of this Indian Ocean. Temperature Indicators Are Within 17-32 Degrees All Year. Southern Passats Help to Transfer The Heat More Easily, But in February and May, Monsoons are Possible when Mauritius Closed for 2-3 Days in Clouuds and curtain of rains.