The Country is Surinam Surinam – A Country of Diverse Cultures, Tropical Forests

On the Coast of the Caribbean, Shelter Between Gayana and French Guiana, Lies the Country of the Surinam. ITS Territory Is Rich in Areas with High Biological Diversity, Tropical Forests and Savannah. The Official Language of the Country Is the Dutch Language, But the Country’s Population Several Languages, the thanes to a Great Ethnic VarietyTy. Indigenous Americans and Black Chimaroni Live Geree, Who Retained Their Old Traditions and Customs. The History of Surinam Is a Real Cultural Cocktail Prepared from Many World Cultures.

The Attractions of Surinam

The Capital, Paramaribo (Paramaribo), With Its Fascinating Dutch, French and Spanish Colonial Architecture, 19th Century Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Try, But the Most Important Attraction of Surinam Is a Tropical Forest that Covers 80 Percent of Its Territory. Next to Paramaribo You Can Have Dinner At the Fort Zealand Restaurant, In Which The Main Museum of the Country Is Located – The Surinam Museum.

50 Kilometers South of the Capital, A Relaxation Area with Numerous Underground Sources, Healthy Health Is Equipped. River Cruises are Organized from Paramaribo to Remote Villages and Colonial Plantations with Which The Country Is Dotted. The Most Fascinating is the Tour to the Air of Avarra (AWARRA), Lasting 5 Days. Passing Through The Swampy Places of the River, You Can See Crocodiles, Anaconds, Bois and Piranha.

Surinama National Cuisine

Traditional Recipes of Surinama Include Meat, Fish, Vegetables. Seafood and Crustaceans Play an Important Role in Local Cuisine. They Are Served, Both in Cheese and Boiled Form. Meat in Acidic Juice Manios, Chili Pepper and Spitses; Pork with Garlic; Bread from Manioca; Fish with Beans – Dishes That The Country Loves Surinam. Residents of the Country Specialists in the Manoufacture of Various Alcoholic Beverage. Most Offen, Moonshine Make Their Bark of Wood and Sorrel. In Addition, Ginger Beer Is Popular Here.

Weather in Surinam

The Average Temperature in Surinam is a Plus of 26 Degrees and Does Not Change Much All Year. In Winter, Lowering To 20 Degrees Can Happen, and in the Dry Season – An Increase to 36. Sea Passians Can Bring Some Coolness in the Summer, But it is Felt only in Coastal Areas. Althrow The Country of the Surinam Sheltered Outside The Zone of Powerful Hurricanes, Their Breathing Is Felt, Especially in the Rain Season.