Sex and the Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CTS, Which Appeared in 2001, Was a Serious Breakthrough in the Foundations of the World Car Market, Suchh A Small Quiet Revolution. Without Unnecessary Hype, The Yankees Made A Rather Talented Attempt to Offer a Compact Sports Sedan of the Premium Category, Which Was not AsshaMed of Comparisons with Thar Best Analed Analygg UES from the Old World. SKEPTICS Will Not BELIEVE, BUT CTS in Running Qualites Was Slimhtly Inferior to the Standard of Sport-Sedans-BMW, ​​and Many Other European Superior To Header. In the NATIVE American Market, The Model Was Amazing, But Conservation Europe, for the Sake of Recognition in the Which They Tried Most, Remained Indiffhed to the Merits of themican B Immer “. In Russia, The First CTS, Remaining A Niche Choice of Experts, Managed to Form A Cohort of Devote Connoisseurs.

Those Who Managed to Try and Love that Debut CTS Shoup Not Worry. The Shifter Basically Retains The Best Features of the Founder. For CTS-II IS, In Fact, The Deep Audit of CTS-I: The Platform and the Supporting Structure of the New Model Are Borrowed From IT. TheFore, The Wheelbase of Both Generations of CTS IS Identical – 2.88 m. However, The Total Length Has Now Grown to An Impressive 4.77 m. The Fact that New Car Inherited the Previous Body Frame Is Easy to Notice by the Contours of the Door. Exterior Design Has Undergone Radical Changes. In Principle, The General Stylistics Is Made in the Same Rememphed Spirit – Shaarp Lines, Sharp “Attacking” Corners. The Appe herance of the CTS-II IS No Less Picky That of the Predecessor, BUT GM Deceded to Muffle The UncomPromising Angularity of CTS-I and “TWIST” FORMS. Cadillac Stylists Tried to Preserv the Ardent Dynamism and Aggressivesses, But At the Same Time Great Solidity, Sedacy in Appe. The Incomparably More Massive, You Can Even Say the Monumental Cladding of the Radiator Just “Telegraphs” Claims to a Qualitate Different Status – No More “Mischievous Upstar T ”, but Alread Knowing the Price of A Sports Gentleman! The Second Generation of the Car Will Debut a Completly New Engine-a Gasoline 3.6-Liter V6 with A Double Change of Gas Distribution Phase System and Most Importly-Direct Fuel Injection. This Made It Possible to Achieve Excellent Return – Exactly 300 Liters. With. Impressive, Because Usually in Overseas Machines Such Power Is Removed From 5-Liter V8! The Former 258-Horsepower V6 of the Same Volume of 3.6L Remains in the Catalog, Like the Entry Level Motor-210 Horsepower 2.8-Liter V6.CTS at One Time Became the Pioneer of Cadillac Return to the Rear Drive, and CTS-II Takes STEP in the Right Direction. The Long-AwAted News-Advanced American Sports Sedan Acquires A Modern Integral Transmission! The Old Kind Classic Layout Will Remain As a Basic Sentence, But Both 3.6-Liter Engine CanDered with Constant All-Wheel Drive. For Russian Dealers of the Brand, This Innovation Is Like Manna Heavenly! ALSO, All CTS Are Now Equippeed with a New 6-Band Automatic Transmission. However, for Those Who Literally Pertle of Sport-Sedan, The Manoufacturer Did Not Provide An Option for the Traditional “Handle” -6-Speed ​​Mechanical Transismsion (IT Is Supplied by The Japanese Company Aisin).

IF the External Outfit of the Novelty in Some Places Gives Gives the Presence of the “Skeleton” of the AnceStor, the Interior CTS-IIS A TOTAL TRANSITION TO HIGH MATTERS! Cadillac Emphasizes that now the Details of the Cabin, As Well As on the Updated SRX, Are GATREDAREDALLY, Real African Tree, Scandinavian Skins and … French Threads! The Sliding Panel of the Monumental Multifunctional LCD Display is Very Original. EVEN THE LANGUAGE DOES NOT TURN To Say that “The Finish of the Cadillac Salon is No Worse than European Rivals”. BecAuse IF You Compare the Quality and Style of the Cabin of the New Cts with the Latest BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class (Even in Their Most Expensave Top Modifications), Theen Theren Theren He American LEVEL Will Be Clearly Higher! True, The Central CTS Console with Architecture is Very Reminiscent of Lexus RX, But this is a good sign ..

It is Curious that Cadillac Has Grandiose Hopes for a New Model, Soon The Cts Family Will Replenish … a dignified Two -Door Compartment! In Addition, The Probability of a Stylish Five -Door Station Wagon Is NOT Excluded! As in the previous Generation, The CTS Line Reced Its Proud Banner-Suports Super-PowerFul Modification of CTS-V. IF Earlier It Was Equippeed with A 400-Horsepower Atmosphere, The New Model Has the Turn of the Latest 6.2-Liter “Eight” with An Integrated Mechanical SuperCeter Eaton. Cadillac Kept a Promise to Take a Line of 500 “Horses” – Power Reached 550 Liters. With. BUT EVEN MORE Amazing Inconceivable Torque IS Amazing – 745 NM! CTS-V “Blows for a Belt” The Best European Super-Medists-BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG! In Addition, Unlike these Two Mifles, Top-Cts Will Exist only with All-Wheel Drive! ALSO CTS-V SAMPLE 2009. Boasts of An Athletic Aerodynamic Body Kit, Extreme Chassis Settings and Brakes, Unique Interior Decoration. It is Likely that this “Hot” Image-Maker Will Finally Be Officially Supplied to Russia! By the Way, in the Next Attempt to Win The Sympathies of Western Europe CTS-II Will Receive A PowerFul Turbodiesal Motor.

However, WhatEver The Choice of the Power Unit on CTS-II, One Can Guarantee Boldly-The Owner Will Receive A Bright Individuality. A model that is guaranteed not as tieled and banking-massly as german analogues. The New Series “Si Tis” is an Undeniably Sexy Work! P. S. Yankes and with the New Generation CTS Passion as the Want to Admire This Machine to Europe. BUT While the Recognition AGain Comes from Compatriots – Having Barely Managed to Make Their Debut, The Model Immedely Receved the Highest Title of the American Unity. Motor Trend Awarded the New Cts Title “Car of the Year 2008”!