The Network of Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles Will Be Deployed in the Capital in the Spring

The Company “Revlet”, Which is Engaged in the Development of Infrastrurtecture for Electric Transport in Russia, States that in the Spring of the Chalgot Station STATIONS WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS Deployed in Moscow.

According to the Head of LLC “Revlet” Maxim Osorin, This Project MUST SOLVE PROBLEM THAT RESTRAins the Development of Electric Vehicles in the Country – the Lack of A Brigi Infrastructure. In Turn, An Increase in the Popularity of Electric Vehicles Among Consumers Will Help Improve Ecology, Reduce Noise in the City.

Partial Financing of the Project Takes on the Enerfund Investment Fund. The Funds Invested by Him Will Go to the Creation of Electric Recovery Stations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and a Number of OFER MAJOR CITies of Russia.

Testing The First Version of the Stations Is Now Being Completed. Private Persons or Companies Will Be Able to Pay for “Refueling” USing PFID PAYMENT CARES. In the Near Future, The Company Plans to Bring the Number of Its Points to 2 Thousand Alternating Currents and 100 Express Charging Points. There is Also A Project for Introducing Revolta Recharge Stations On Gas Stations of the Large Gas Station Networks.

PRICES for Charging Electric Vehicles Will Benounced by the Company Approximatly in the Month of March. It is Expected that “Full Tank” with Electricity Will BE 5 Times Cheaper than Gasoline.