Terrible Accident in the Vitebsk Region: 11 Dead

The Accident Occurred On Sunday, July 28, in the Vitebsk Region. The Head of the IC of the Republic of Belarus Valentin Shaas Already Left the Scene of the Accident, The Official Representative of the Belrus Julia Goncharova Said Said Saidova Said. As a Result of this Accident, 8 PEOPLE Died on the Spot, The Death of Another Man in One of Medical Institutations, Goncharova Addeded. The Representative of the Department Clarified, Among the Dead Were 4 People and a Man Whas Driving the Opel Car with Russian Numbers, 98 Regions of Russia. According to Goncharova, 3 People from a Vehicle with Ukraine License Plates Died at the Scene, The Death of Another Passenger One of the Medical Institutations. The Representative of the Sk Added, Most Likely, The Dead Are Natives of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan Where Traveling on a Vehicle with Russian License Plates, As Well as Citizens of ukr Aine. Currently, Law Enphorcement Officers Establish The Identites of Dead Citizens. Information on the Fact of this Accident Was Sent to the Consular Services of Russia and Ukraine. In the Second Vehicle, According to Goncharova, There Were Citizens of Ukraine, The Car Had a Registration Number of the Odessa Region. Currently, All Victims Are in a Medical Instition. In the fact of this Accident, Law Enforcesement Officers Opened a Criminal Case. Goncharova Also Reported the Presence of a Video from the Scene. According to Preliminary Information, The Opel Vehicle Drove into the Oncoming Traffic Lane.