Vietnam-a state located on the Indochina Peninsula, in southeast asia, the capital is the city of hanoi. The Official Language Is Viet, But Most of the Country Cancam English, French, Chinese.


Traveleers in Vietnam are Attracted by Many Attractions, Beaches and the Hot Sea, in Which There More Salts in the Neighboring Siamese Gulf, Which IS Goodo Healthh. Each Resort Region Has Its Own “Highlight”. In Khoshchein – The Cathedral of the Saigon Mother of God, Buddhist Temps and Pagodas, The Presidential Palace and Mosque. Halong Famous Sea Landscapes. A Picturesque Naval Festival Is Held in the Beginning. The Feuerverta Feast Is Held in Daunny, There Is the Longest Overwhelms Cable Car Around the World.

In Early Autumn, The Batts of Bulls Are Carried Out in the Bottom. SINCE 2002, The Arrival of the Russian Orthodox Church Has Been Operating in the City of Wangtau. And the Khalang Bay Is Recognized by UNESCO as an Object of World Natural Heritage.

National Cuisine

Vietnam – Paradise for Lovers to Eat Tasty and Satispying. Vietname Cuisine is Very Diverse, Nutritious and Contributes to Longevity. The Most Commonly Used and Popular Products in Vietname Cuisine are Rice, Seafood, Pork, Noodles, Herbs, Bamboo, Soy. Offen Adding to Garlic, Ginger Root and Onions in Dishes and Sauces “Noyok Mam” and “Noycom”, Which Arepared Fresh Products. The vietname is Popular soy sauce. In vietnamese Restaurants, You can be offered reptiles or inSects that aRARE ARARE DELICACY. The Kitchen is Also Diverse with Meat Exotic, SO YOU CAN TRY VERY HEALTHY BOALELD MEAT, OR A DISH PREPARED FROM A SNAKE that is fried with nuts and spitses. There are ALSO Exotic Dishes as Dishes of Cats, Rats and Dogs, But Officially The Use Dishes in Vietnam Is Prohibited. From Fruit, The Vietnamze Prefer: Lemons, Papaya, Coconuts, Rambutan, ETC.


Vietnam is located in the area of ​​Subequatorial Monsoon Climate. Winter in the South of the Country Is Hot and Dry Up To +26s, in the North Wet and Cool to +15s. Mussonon Rains Capture All Vietnam in the Summer. At the end of the Summer Season and At the Beginning of the Autumn on the Coast of Vietnam, There Typhones. The northern winds from China do not invade the south of the country, so the temperature there is unchanged throughout the year, the average air temperature is +27C, +26C. For a good REST, Tourists in Vietnam Are not Bad Or Good Seasons. SO If in One Region Its too Damp, Cold Or Hot, There is Always a Place Were Its Sunny and Good.