History Delorean DMC 12

Delorean DMC 12 Produed in 1981-82. The Creator of this Car Is John Delorin (1925-2005), a Talented Engineer and Manager. Back in the 1960s, Working as an Engineer on Pontiac, He Installed a 325L/S Engine Under A Standard Compartment, Creating a Cult Pontiac GTO. As a Result of a Star Career by 1973, He Was the Vice President of GM, But Quit EVERYTHING AND OPENED HIS OWN COMPANY-DELOREAN MOTOR PANY (DMC). A laarge -scale Project Began to Create and Production Delorean DMC 12.

The Car Wanted to Call Z Tavio, Were z is zachary, The Second Name of Delorin (John Zachary Delorean), and the Name of His Son, and Tavio Is Father Delorin and the Second Nam E of his Son. Who They Called the Car DMC 12 – It is not Known for Certain.

For the Enterprise, Dulorin Needed $ 175 Million. He Persuaded Some Hollywood Stars to Participate in Financing the Project, Plus Receved Serious Financial Benefits From The Government Ireland, Interested IN REDUCING UN Employment, and, Interesting, Experts in Advance Determined the Degree of Success 1 to 10.

In General, The Plant Was Built Not in Puerto Rico, As the Wanted First, But in the Territory of Ireland, In Dunmary, A Suburbs of Belfast.

EVERYTHINGSED SUCCESS, BECAUSE JUJARO HIMSELF PARTICIPATED in the Design of the Design, Called the Designer of the Century, and The Designer Was William Collins, A Former COMER COMER COMERER COMER COMERER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER COMER HEEF Engineer Pontiac. The Car Promized to be ultra -modern: a chassis from composite Materials Using aW Patented Technology, than Which The Mass of Reduced, And the Cost. The Extendal Elements of the Body Were Made of Stainless Steel, and UNPAINTED, Which Gave The Machine A Unique and Futuristic Look. The Doors Opened Up, As in the Famous Mercedes 300SL (“The Wing of the Seagull”), BecAuse of Which, By the Way, IT Possible to Make the Nozzle Glass, So THEY MADEA ASHEYAME IFT Window, As in Some Sports Cars. IT Was Planned to Install PowerFul Citroën Rotary Engines Or Forced V8 From Chevrolet Corvette. The CheckPoint Was 5-ST. The Suspension of All thes of IS Independent.

Such a Design, and the Reputation of Delorin Was the Best Advertising. Buyers Ordered and Paid for 4000 Copies DMC 12 In Advance.

However, as They Say, A Person Suggests, But God Has.

The construction of the plant began in October 1978, and although the beginning of production was scheduled for 1979, due to different problems and overruns of the budget, the deadline was postponed by two years.

The Production of the Composite Chassis Was Recognized as UNSATISFACTORY. To Save The Situation, Delorin Invited Colin Chapman, Founder and Owner of Lotus. Chapman Used Lotus Materials and Technologies.

Due to the Consequences of the Global Fuel Crisis, I Had to Put the “Vegetable” V6 2.8L Unit in 170 Forces, Born of the Peugeot, Renault and Volvo Trio, and in America (The Main Market of DMC Sales) New Ecology Standards Were Introud, and the Motor Had Had Ta DeFORME D Up to 130 Forces (!).

Irish Workers Vid Not Havy Sufficient Qualifications, So Problems with Quality Arose Immediately and Specifically. I Had to Purchase, New Equipment, Review the Payment System, and So on. Most of the Problems Resolved by 1982, and the Cars Provided a Guarantee for aear, But the Princes with the Quality and Characteristics of the Machine Logically Led to Poor Sales, And Th. E DMC WAS Approaching Collapse.

Delorin Needed Money in Any Way. FBROVSKY SHUKACH James Hoffman Pulled Delorin Into A Setup, Acting as a Representate of the Drug Cartel, and Suggested that Car Factory Thrush The Car Factory. Delorin AGREED, and in October 1982 He Was Accused of Drug Trafficking, Which Led to award and Half of the Courts, AS ASULTAH HE WAS JUSTIEN Ed. There was no longer aBout loans. And the government of Ireland Closed the Freebie. Back in February 1982, Delorin Was Bankrupt with An Invited Manager, and At the End of the Year it Closed Completely.

In Total, ABOUT 9200 DMC-12 Produed. 6500 Copies has survved to this day.

The Car Was Shot in the Film “Back to the Future”, and it Became a Cult. SOME OWNERS OF THE DMC-12 Outwardly Stylized Them For Time Machines. HIS Film Career Vid End There, and a Stainess Miracle Flickered Constantly in Different Clips and Films.

The America Company DMC Texas, Which Bouüht the Rights to the Brand, Previously Engaged in the Repair of DMC-12, and Selling SPARE 2008 Resumed the PRODUCTION Ars to Order.