Excursion to Kenya

To get acquainted with Kenia, You Shoup Go to Safari. TODAY IS Not only Hunting, BUT ALSO A TRIP DURING WHICH, WITH THE HELP of A CAMERA, YOU CAN Capture Vivid Moments. Such Safari Tours Take Place on Minibuses or Jeeps (Cost-About $ 150).

The Total Area of ​​National Parks Kenya, In Size Comparable to the Irkutsk Region! There are more than 4 40 Reservices Here. For Example, The Smallest – Amboseli Park: from Geere a Beautiful View of the Top of Kilimanjaro Opens. And in the Reserve “Maasai Mara” You can find lines, rhinos, Buffalo, Elephants and Leopards. In Addition, The Masai Tribe Lives in the Territory of this Park: EVERYONE CAN VISIT THEM – HERE YOU WILL CREATETIONS THE CONDITIONS FOR THE TOR, BUT LOCAL Women and Warors Will PLA Y An Intersting Performance in Front of You (The Cost of the Trip Is 70 $/C Person).

Kenya If You Are a Spicy Lover, THEN YOUSHOULD GO TO Night Safari, and If Not, THE YOU CAN STHENO or ECO-HOTELS (LOGS), WHICH Ar Located OOM Reservs. In Addition, The Advantage of Such a Resident is That You Can See How Animals Come to a Watering Station Getting Out of Bed – Such a Picture Can Through An Open Window.

On the Kenyan beaches you can not only sunbathe and drink plenty, but, for example, on the beaches “Diani” and “Shanzu”, near Mombasa, you can take part in underwater safar or diving.