IPad Now in Bentley

Many Manaufacturers of Expensive Cars Do EVERYTHING FOR THEIR Customers, Ranging From the Internal Filling of the Car and Ending with New -fangled Gadgets, Not to Mental Thus Innovativ Designs of the Car Themselves.

BUT WHEN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT BENNEY, You can Expect Someting SPECIAL, Standing OUT and VERY EXPENSIVE. This time, the manafacturer of Very Expensive Bentley Machines Presented His Newsanne Conceptual Car at The World Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt.

Outwardly The Car Has Not Changed in Any Way, But the Inner Filling Is Surprising. A media System Based on Apple Technology IS Integrated into the Car.

The Basis of the System Is the Computer Mac Mac mini and iPad 2 . For the Convenence of Passengers in the Rear Seats, 2 iPad and Wireless Keyboards are Built -in, Which Aresy to Fold. Ahead of the car you can see the doking stance for iPhone and iPod.

The Car Also Has A 15-Inch Led Screen, Which is the iPod Touch Player, Which is Tied to Mac Mini, Located in the Trunk of A Car.

In Addition, Under the Hood of Bentley Mulsanne is a PowerFul 6.75-Liter V8 Engine, Which Develops a Power of 512 PS (505 Liters. With./377 KW) that cannot but rejoice motorists.

The Basic Price of the Bentley Mulsanne is $ 346,000, and unwa want a car with an apple-vali Filling, Thy Will Cost You Bouts Another 100,000 euros $ 138,000 . Well, for PEOPLE WHO CAN AFFORD SUCH A CAR WITHOUT FILLING, Will Not HIT AFFORD to Buy it with the Whole Set of Innovates.