The Country of Israel

Israel is a state that is located in the southwest of asia.   The Capital of Israel is the City of Jerusalem, The State Language Is Hebrew, Arabic. Currency in the Country – Shekel.

The Sights of Israel

ISRAEL IS Replete with Monments of Antiquity, Museums, Bazaars, Beaches. The Immortal Jerusalem Concentrated The Great Shrines of Three World Religions. So there is the Walls of Crying, Which Belong to the Jewish Religion, The Remains of the Christian Second Temple, The Temple of the God of the Lord, the Place of the Burial of Jesusus Christ, there is a Rotonda with a coffin of the Lord in the Temple, Muslim Mosques Include: A Rock and Al-Ax, Were According to Legend is Legend Muhammad took Off to the Sky.  

In the West of Jerusalem Is the Museum of Yadwa-Sho, Which Was Erected in Memory of the Victims of the Cold. In the City of Akko thesko One of the Most Famous Monasteries of Israel, the Monastery of Hospitals, and the Al-Jazaar Mosque IS ALSO Located in the The Preserved Hair from the Beard of Muhammad.

In the City of Haifa, the Main Attraction Is the Bakhay Temple, this is the Center of Religion of Bahaism. No Less Popular Among Tourists is the Monastery of Carmelites, Which Was Founded by Crusaders. The City of Tver Is An Important Holy Place for the Jewish People.

On the South Side of the City of TV, the Generally Accepted Place of Baptism of Yardenit, and On the North Side Side Is Capernaum Hed and Preache. There are Four Places of Pilgrimage in the City of Nazareth, this is the source was annunciation, Joseph’s workshop, Sinagon What Jesus Christ’s As Well as an Abyss in Which Jesus Wanted to Overthrow. The City of Bethlehem after the Construction of. Elena Basilica of the NATIVITY OF CHRIST Becomes A PLACE OF PILGRIMAGE.

The Dead Sea Has the Country of Israel, Can RightFully Be Consedered a Phenomenon. PEOPLE HAVE NEVER DROWNED in IT, SINCE The Salinity of Water in this Sea Is Thirty Percent. Salt Water Is Rich in a Large Number of Minerals, Which Positively Affects Human Health. Forople Who Love to Sunbathe, The Dead Sea Is a Paradise, You Can Bask On the Seashore and Not Be Afraid To Burn Youself At All.

National Cuisine of Israel

The Traditional Cuisine of Israel Has Collected Cuisines Such as Arabic, Sephardic, Ashkenazi. Products Such AS Olive Oil, Greens, Fruits and Beans are popular in israeli cuisine.

Very Popular Is the Humus Dish, Which is Prepared on the Basis of Peas Chickpeas. Undoubtedly, it is Worth Trying to try the Chone Mashed Potates, Which Are Fried in Olive Oil, Its Called this Dish Falafel. CAKE Pete, IS The Basis of Any Lunch in Modern Jewish Cuisine. For Dessert, A Cemetis Is Served, Which Is Prepared from Sugar and Vegetables.

Fresh Juits are popular. From Alcoholic Beveges, High -quality Wines Are Widespread, Which Can Be Bouught at a Low Price.

Climate in ISRAEL

ISRAEL IS Characterized by A Subtropical Mediterranean Climate. A Rainy Summer and Soft Winter Dominate on the Shores of the Mediterranean Sea. In the Mountains Summer Is Arid, and Winter Is Cool. In the Area of ​​the Jordanian Valley, The Summer Is Hot, and Winter Is Warm.

The warmest months are June, July and August, on the Dead Sea and Red, the average water temperature is approximately plus thirty degrees Celsius, and air plus thirty -eight degrees.

Offen there is Snow in the Area of ​​Mount Hermon, and in Jerusalem Itself, ABOUT ONCE A EEAR, Snowfall Necessarily Falls.