Noise Insulation VAZ 2106 with your Own Hands.

Noise Insulation of the Passenger Compartment Plays a Huge Role in a Comfortable Component When Driving a Car. Proper work on the Noise-Vibration of the Salon Will Allow The Driver To Feel Comfortable and Convenence When Driving, Not Being Distracted by Extraneous Sound Sounds.

Cracking in the Cabin or Creak of Parts Can Be a Dark Past for Cars of the Vaz Brand. Without Much Difficulties, By Making An Sound Insulation of the Car with your Own Hands VAZ-2106 Or A Different Series, The Motorist Will Improves? Haraacteristics of his car.

No Small Role is Used As an Important Role When Using a High -quality and PowerFul Audio System in the Car in the Car. Acoustics, Resonating with the Elements of the Cabin, Creates An Unpleasant Rattles and Coloring of Musical Accompaniment. This leads to a decrease in a Comfortable Situality Inside The Car.

Performing the Sound Insulation of Cars with your Own Hands, For Example, VAZ-2106 or Other Domestic Model, The Motorist Also Saves Cash. The Family Budget Will Not Experience a Large Financial Burden. And on the Contaray, If Specialists of the Maintenance Station Were Engaged in Modding, The Cash Costs Would Have Left a Decent Gap in the Budget.

The Work Itself Is Performed in a Certain Number of Stages.

The first stage is the Preparation of Tools and Materials: A Set of Rock and End Keys, A Curly and Flat Screwdriver, A Construction Hair Dryer, A Knife and Other Type OF TOOL USEDD Rocess Specialized Materials.

Material. In Principle, You Can Use Foam and Construction Foam, But there is no need to wait for the propeller effect and durabyity from the us. TheFore, It is Recommeded to Use Substances of Aerosol Coating. Good Indicators Can Be Achieved by Performing the Noise Insulation of the Cabin Using Materials Such As BitopPlast, Vibroplast, Spell.

The Next Stage is a Disassmbly of the Main Components of the Car Interior. Initially, it is Required to Remove all The Panels and Overlays that Will Interfer with Access to the Places of Use of SoundProofing Material. Next, Internal Processing of the Car Body Is Carried out by Any Degreasing Agent. HAVING COMPLETED THE IMPORTANT ELEMENT, We Directly Proceded to the Installation of SoundProofing Materials.

Installation Shoup Be Carrried Out Slowly and Accuraly, Paying Special Attendation to the Processing of Doors and Trunk, SINCE THE CABIN AREMENTS AREA Perform.

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IF YOU, when you drive in your car, Hear Different Sounds, and Think ABOUT SOUNDPROOFING, THEN FIRST of all, You ShULD PAY ATTENION. OR RATER, What IS Under it. The Main Source of Noise in the Car Is the Engine. Before Engaged in Sound Insulation of the Hood, You Need

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The Minimum Knocking Sound Will Surely Spoil the Mood, Even If the VAZ 2114 Itself Is A Fairly Quiet Car. But the is a way out – to make a sound insulation of the car. There are two ways: the first is to contact a special workshop What EVERYONE Will Install; Second – to Perform the Procedure Yourself. FIRST

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For each Motorist Who Loves to Listen to the Sound in His Car in Good Quality, The Noise Insulation of His is a Very Acute Question, Especially If His Domestic Machine. In OUR CAR, EVERYTHING IS “RUMBLE”, TheIR OWN NOISES of the Installed Audio System are mixed with this.