Great Wall Hover

Great Wall Hover

Like Most Chinese Cars, The Great Wall Hover H5 Suv is Copied from Japanese Isuziom – Axyom. Moreover, The Copy Turned Out to Be Quite Successful, The Car Looks Attraactive Outwardly and with ReliaBility EVERYTHING IS in Order. SINCE 2010, The Great Wall Hover Car Has Been Assembled in the Suburbs. YOU Can Recognize Russian Cars by Vin. He is Knocked Out on the Frame from the “Chinese”, on the “out” Cars, Vin is traditionly undr. UNFORTUNATELY, The DOMESMBLY TURNED OUT COUSE WOMH WORSE THE THE CHINESE. Rushing for bad Fit of Body Parts, BecAuse of Which there are leaks in the doorways, it is not uncommon. The Great Wall Hover Car Is Not Very High Quality, So Many Copies Are Characterized by Rust Under the Fifth Door Sealing. SO Additional Body Protection to the Car Is Simply Necessary.

Great Wall Hover H5 is Equipped with Both Gasoline and Diesel Engines. Gasoline Engines Are Collected Under the License “Mitsubishi”. They Were Installed on Pajero and Outlander. Diesel Engines with Boost – The Joint Development of German and Chinese Engineers, They Are Installed On Hover H5. All Motors have Established themselves Reliable and Repair. On Gasoline Engines, The Use of 92 Gasoline is Allowed, But the Services Are Recromended Not to Save and Refuel 95 – M, As the Are Prone to Detonation. In the work, Both Gasoline and Diesel Engines are somewhat Slow, this “Thouughtfulness” can be cited by reflashing the Control Unit.

The Plastic in the Cabin is Hard, But the Panels are well fitted

Gasoline Motors are Aggregated only with a Mechanical Gearbox, It is almost without a Flame and malfunction can be Associated with Illiterate Tuning. Offten, Establinging Additional Protiation of the Engine Crankcase, They Make It Difficult to Blow the Checkpoint, As a Result of Which Iterhets and Bearings Stuts System. In the REST, The Design of the Manual Transmission Is Very Simple and It Canreed in Almost Any Car Service. Aisin Japanese Development Machine, Available Only with Diesel Engines. There are practically no complains about it. The Main Thing is to Change the Oil in A Timely Manner.

Connecting The Front Bridge On Great Wall Hover Cars Occurs Through An Electronic Couppling. When it is in a Turn OFF, The Remaining Elements of the Transmission Do Not Rotate. The Mechanical Part Will Not Deliver the Trouble. The Main Recommentation Is to Comply with The Presscribed Service Intervals and Replace the Oil During.

There are Plenty of Places for the Rear Passengers

Great Wall Hover H5 Can BE Consedered aLLLL -ESISTANT, SINCE IT HAS A FRAME STRUCTURE AND A COMPLETELY RELIABLE SUSPENSION. The only Weak Place is the Rear Shock Absorbers. They Are Very Toun, So on Bumps, The Rear Passengers ABOUT COMFORT, YOU TOLY HAVE To Dream. Consumers in the Suspension Are Quite Worthy, Silent – Blocks Withstand At Least 80 Thusand Km of Run, Ball Up To 60 Thusand. But the Brake Pads have to be Changed Offen, More than 20 Thousand Km the Do Not Live.

The Trunk IS Simply Huge – 810 Liters, and with the Decomposed Rear Seats – 2074 Liters

In the first cars, Great Wall Hover, The Salon Completely Repeated Isuzu – Axiom, Buture the Chinese Completel Changed it. It Looks Good, But The Material in the Decoration Is Morely to the Budget Option. Problems with the Operation of the Wipers are Possible from the Equipment, Plastic Sleevs Break in the Mechanism of Their Drive. Due to the Effects of Road Reagents, A Stove Radiator May Occur.

Currently, The Manoufacturr Has Reduced the Interval Interval For Great Wall Hover Cars to 8000 KM. By the Way, Keep in Mind that for Great Wall Hover There is Still No Normal Spare Parts Catalog, SO it is not easy to chouse them. SOMETHINGS SUITABLE from Other Models, But there ALSO Original Onees, For Which There Are No Alternatives.

The Great Wall Hover Car Is Uncomplicated in Maintenance and Repair and with Proper Care, Its Chinese Roots Unpleasant Associations Will Not Cuse You.

You can state optinion about the Great Wall Hover Car in the Comments. Good Luck on the Road!