Ford Focus 2 Car in the Secondary Market

Greetings to You, Friends. Ford Focus 2 CAR IS Deservedly Consedered One of the BestSellers in the Russian Market. For The Period of Its Production (2004 – 2011), He Regularly Entered the Top of the Best -selling Models. TheFore, On the Roads, The Second Focus Is Found At Least Least Domestic Small. The Secret of Success FF2 is Simple, Good Build Quality, Spacious, Comfortable Interior and Plus The Affordable Content and Moderate Price Price Price.

Body and Salon

Spacious Salon, Finishing Materials Solid and High -quality

The Car Was Produed as Much As Five Body Options: Sedan, Station Wagon, Convertible and Two Two Hatchbacks 3- and 5-DOOR. Plus, FF2 WAS Offered in Two Versions of the “Charged” Version of RS and St. The Focus Body Has Decent Indicators in Width – 1840 MM. Such Figures Are More Characteristic of Business Cars. Thanks to this, The FF2 Salon Turned Out to Be Very Spacious. Materials in the Decoration are Solid and High -quality. It is Also Difficult to Make Claims to Ergonomics, EVERYTHINGS THUGHT OUT and Convent. And the interior look Prestigious and Modern. The Trunk Will Not Surprise with A Large Volume, Only 440 Liters, Many Classmates Have Much More, Buts Volume Is Enure. In Addition, The Correct Organization of the Internal Space Allows You to Easily Place Quite of Lot of Luggage.

The Trunk Is Convenent and Roomy

The Body Is Well Opposed to Corrosion and Even On the First Copies, There Are No Rust. The only Drawback is the location of the Hood Lock. He was Hidden Under the Emblem on the Radiator Grille. And since it is Constantly Exposed to the Natural Environment and Road Reagents, It Offten Acidifies.


All Power Units Areble

Ford Focus 2 Car Was Equipped with Seven Options for Power Plant. Depending on the Need and Financial Capabilites, You Can Choose a 1.4 -liter Gasoline Engine with a Volume of 1.4 (80 Liters. With.) or 1.6 – Liter (100 And 115 Liters. With.). There is a More PowerFul 2-Liter Mots with A Capacy of 145 Liters. With. There are Three Turbodiesels: 1.6 – Liter (90 and 109 Liters. With.) and 2- Liters (136 l. With.). In the “Jr.” – 1.6 – A Liter Motor, The Timing Drive is Carried out a gear belt. But its resource is at Least 150 Thousand Kilometers. In Other Engines, A Metal Circuit Is Used. Gasoline Motors Are Consedered Unpredentious and Reliable. Serious Problems with Them Are Practically Not Recorded. However, If the Car You Are Consedering Sluggishly Reacts to Gas, this is a Sign of A Malfunction of the Hydraulic Couning. Such A Nuisance Ocurs Periodically. Repair Will Cost 9.5 – 10 Thousand Rubles. Of the Diesel Engines in Russia, They Mainly Sold 1.8 Liters with A Capacy of 116 Liters. With. There are no significant complaints ABOUT THEM EITHER.


Both Mechanics and Automatic

Ford Focus 2 Was Equipped with A 5 -step Manual Transmission, Turbodiesels and Cars of Version ST WERE AGGGEGATED BY A ManUAL Gearbox with 6 Gear. For Gasoline Machines, 4 – Range “Automatic” Was Available as An Option. Mechanical Boxes Areble and Durable. The Main Thing is to Change the Oil EVERY 90 Thousand KM. The Automatic Transmission Resource Reaches Up To 200 Thousand Km. But for it to work Properly, Qualified Maintenance Is Required. So IF You -ose A UssemSMission, Be Sure to Diagnose.


As a Rule, The FF2 Suspension Serves Up To 100 Thousand Km Without Problems. During This Period, Only Consumables Will Havy to be Changed: Spa Racks (500 Rubles), Stabilizer Bushings (1100 Rubles). Shock Absorbers with Neat Driving Can Survive Up to 150 Thousand Km. So The Suspension Will Not Require Special Trubles and Large Costs.

In the Secondary Market, The Second Focus IS in Good Demand and Resell it Even after Secondary Problems Will Not Be. So If You Are Looking for a Reliable, Spacious Car, Inexpensive In Content and Affordable in Cost – Ford Focus 2 Car Will Not Disappoint You.