Oman’s Country – The Territory of the Queen of Savskoy

Located on the Arabian Peninsula, The Country of Oman Has a Diverse Landscape, With Rocky Mountains in the North, Dunes and Accumuulations in the Center, Green Hills Ills Ills I N The Dhofar Provincial and Coast, Which Extends for Thousands of Kilometers with Beautiful Beaches and Convenent Bays. Tourism Is More Developed in the Capital of the Maskat and in the City of Salalay, Known for Its Ruins of the Palace of Queen Savskaya. Sverishly Observing Traditional Arab Values, Such AS Hospitality and Piesty, Oman’s Country Will Offer Evething that Best in Arabic Culture.

The Sights of Oman

Most Tourists are Starting to get acquainted with Oman from the Capital. Here The Most Interest Is the Palace of the Sultan, The Muttrah Souk, Portuguese Forts of Jalaali and Mirani, Built in the 16th Century. The Most Colorful Beaches of the Country Are the Magnificent Yitti (Yitti), A Safe (Seifa) and Kuryat (Quiryat), And in Oleander’s Gardens in Dayqah (Dayqah), Shaba (g) AB) or TIWI (TIWI.), you can spend the Whole Day, Resting from the Eastern Bustle of Cits.

Exploring the Ancient Capital of the Country, The City of Nizwa (Nizwa), You Can Get Acquainted with the Local Cattle Trade and Visit Forts and Nakhal Castles and Rus Earby. The City of Sur is Known for Its Traditions in the Field of Shipbuilding and Nightlife, Which is Quite Unusual for Such a Religiius Territory as. Its Main Natural Attractions are the Mountain of the Sun (Jebel Shams) and Wadi Ghul-Grand Canyon Arabia.

National Cuisine Oman

Rice, Figs, Fruits, Meat – Products Constantly Used for Local Dishes, Most of Which Arepareed in Tanour, Earthen Stoves. The Favorite Dessert of the Local Population is halvaua, as a rule, Prepared from Sesame and Honey, and Your Favorite IS Coffee, Black and Strong, Very Offten Seasored with Clov ES. Bedouins Consider The Delicacy of the Locist.

Weather in Oman

Hot Summer and Warm Winter Arecteristic of Oman. In Spring and Summer, from the Rub Al-Khali Desert, Hot Winds Are Blowing, Which Raise Temperatures to 50 Degrees. The Most Favorable Climatic Conditions are Observed on the Coast, What the Monsoon Wind Brings The Long -Away Coolness. In Winter, During the Day, The Air Warms up to 25 Degrees, and at Night it Can Cool Up to 18. At this time, the country Offers The Most Comfortable Conditions for Tourism.