Income Statistics of Large -class Automobile Companies.

The University of Duysburg-Essen Has Released Statistics, Which Shows The Income of Large World Automobile Companies. IT ShOULD Be Borne in Mind that it was european sales that weres. Thus Results Are Quite Curious. SO, It Turned Out the Most Successful Company Ische. This German Manaufacturer Receives 17 Thousand Euros from the Sale of One Car, Which Is Equivalent to 22 Thousand Us Dollars. It Turns out that for easily car your you, it rechase Which You Purchase Volkswagen Polo. The Second Most Profitable is the BMW Auto Plant. Its Profit is not as good as porsche, but it is 4000 euros. The Three Leaders Are Closed by Audi, Which Has 3700 Euros Per Car.

IF We Talk ABOUT LARGE Companies, The Chrysler is Great Success. The American Company Helped Out ABOUT 1.500 Euros on Each Car, Or 7% of the Usual Cost of their Goods. It is followed by Kia and Hyundai, Which Were Able to Earn 1100 Euros (10%) from Each Sale. All Factories that Follow these Companies Receive One Car Less than 1000 EUROS.

However, Not All Manaufacturers Who are Offering to Buy, For Example, Car Dealerships, Receved Large Incomes. For Example, Opel Lost 834 EUROS from Each Sale of Its Product that took Place in Europe. Ford Also Suffered Losses – Each of Its European Cars Accounts for an Average of 967 EUROS.

Other Factories have Income, But Relatively Small. SO, The Funds Receved by Toyota and Volkswagen for One Unit Car Do Not Exseed 700 Euros, Which Makes It Possible to Name Their Position to the Belief. The Smallest Profit from Honda Auto – this manuapacturer has 300 Euros from One Car.

The List of Unprofitable Companies Opens Renault with An Amount of 241 EUROS. Total Among 19 Surveed Manoufacturers, Five Incurred Losses When Selling their Cars. In Addition to Ford, Opel and Renault, The List Also Includes Peugeot-Citroen and Seat.