Thailand – Resort and Historical City

Thailand and So, you gathered on view and give preference to rest in a country with high mountans, with pure rivers, impassable wild jungle, expans and anmals, in a cuunt Ry Called Thailand.   Were Can You Relax in Thailand? IF YOU ARE A SUPPORTER of A CIVILIZED VACATION WITH DEVELOPED Infrastructure, IF YOU ANY VISIT to TEMPles and VARIUS ATTRACions, IADVISE YOU TO VIOUT THE CITIES CITIES Kok and Chiang May.. IF Like to Relax in Nature, But So that “EVERYTHINGS AT HAND”, the Beaches of the City of Patay and the Picturesque Island is for You.

IF YOU ARE EXTREMELY EXTREME AND THAT IS NOT ENOGH Adrenaline in the Blood, A Wild Reste Islands Will Suit You, In Which You Well Not Fins Clubs, SuperMarkets, NO BEAA Utiful Areas, Even Benches Whey Sell Soft Drinks IF You are Suddenly Tormented by Thirst for Thirsty. On these islands only Nature in its Original Form. If the ABOVE DOCE Not Scare You, Be Sure To Visit the Islands of Kud, Mack, Surin, Similian.

Review of Amazing Places in Thailand.

Chiang May Bankok – An Ideal Place for a Civilized Vacation. It is a City with Developed Infrastructure and High Level of Development. IT HAS MANY PLACES to ReLAX with the Family: Entertainment Parks, Water Parks, Playgrounds. A laarge Number of Night Clubs and Bars Were Provided for Relaxing with Friends.

Chiang May – Industrial Center Thailand. TENS of Thousands of Farangs Come Here (As the Thais Call Europeans) from Around the World. In Chiang May, There ABOUT THE THE HUNDRED BUDDHIST ChURCHES and the Oldest of them – The Church of Wat Chiang Mann in Which There ARE ARE AREN uddha. Go to Chiang May If You are a admirer of Cultural and Relygious Values. Pataya Pataya. IDEAL CONDITIONS HAVE Been CREATED HERE For Water Sports – Swimming, Windsurfing, Sailing, Skiing and Flights Behind the Boat in Parachute. There is someting to do night tooo. Pattaya is the Capital of Thailand’s Nightly Life.   Island Phuket. Arriving theel Will Not Want to Leave There from There. The Main Attraction of Phuket is Architecture. Its Features Can Behout Ordering Special Tours of Resort Places, But On A Regular Walk Along the Usual Phuket Street. Phuket is Also Famous for its Beaches. There are Several of them on the island, but the most Important Beach That Attracts Most Tourists is the Beach of Patong. Its Length Is ABOUT 5 KM. It is the Center of Night Entertainment Island.

The Islands of Phuket Similan Archipelago is a National Park. This is One of the Few Places Where Nature Remains Untouchen by Person. Similan Islands Are Consedered the Best Diving Place. Similan IS Located 100 KM from the Island of Phuket. It Will Take ABOUT 2 HOURS To GET TO ON A BOAT.   And in Conclesion, I Will Say That Thaland Is Amazing Beauty, Which Annually Receives Hundreds of Guesters from Around the. HAVING VISITED THIS COUNTRY, YOU Will Remember it for A Lifetime, Despite Who You Are: An Exemplary Man Who On Vacation with His Famage Or Adventurer Whas Eager For For Fr advene Ture.