Innovative and Technological Ferrari FF

The Ferrari Ff Model Isst Model in the History of this Brand to Receive a Four -wheel Drive. In Addition, The Car Boasts a Rare Body Type. IT WAS Called “Shooting Brake” and is a mixture of a hatchback, Compartment and Station Wagon. Italians Presented Their Brainchild in 2011 in Marenello. Later in the Same Year, The Model Was Able to Inspect The Participants of the Geneva Automobile Exchibition.

A Feature of the Model Is that Crankshaft of the Engine is Directly Connected to the Front Axle. There are no differentials in the model. They Were Replaced by Two “Wet” Clutches. Thus Clutches are Controlled by Electronics. The Developer Called this 4rm System. A feature of such a system is Small Weight. In fact, The System Is Twice As Much As Similar Systems.

Today, Many Automobile Companies Use News in Their Models, Which as a Result Become More Effective and Desirable for Many Motorists. Of Course, Such Cars Are Buying Many People Who, Inter a While, for the Maintenance of the Car, Go to the Car Service in MedvedKovo Or in Other Settlements.

Ferrari FF Suspension Is Formed by Active Shock Absorbers. Each of them Is Filled with Magnetoreological Fluid. To Increase the Braking System, The Manoufacturer Used Carbon-Ceramic Discs. As a Result, If this 1880 Kilogram Car Moved at a Speed ​​of 100 Km/H, The Carry Out a Complete Stop Needs A Road of Road, Which Does Not Exched 35 Meters in Length.

The Salon Is Characterized by Spaciousness.