Chevrolet Niva 2014 – Restyling and not online

In 2014, Another Version of the Russian Chevrolet Niva, So Loved by the Russian Suv. Her Pressentation Was in August 2014, During the Next Traditional Moscow International Motor Show. Submission to the General Public of the Second Generation Chevrolet Niva Has Become One of Main Events Automobile Year.

However, SOME DETAILS OF THE WORK DONE BY THE Designers On the IMPROVEMENT OF THE SUV Became Known to the Public now. According to Jeffrey Glover, Who is the Director General of Ji-Em-Autsovaz, The Chevrolet Niva II Will Be Almost ALMOST ALMOST ANEW MOTHLLLLELLLE WILL MOTOR WITH ALEAR Er Instead of the Existing 1.7 Liter 80 Horsepower, AS Well as New Transmission and New Transmission and New Transmission Distribution. The Interior of An Updated Car Will Turn Up Radically Changes – It Will Receive A New Interior and A Completly New Design.

The Antiicipating Questions of the Journalists Gathered At HIS Press Conference, Glover Said that Price of Chevrolet is Niva and the Configuration, IT GROOWS UP, IT was VERY VERY. ignificant. He Also Categorikally Refated Rumors that Periodically Appear in the Domestic Press ABOUT THE PREPARATORY TRANSLATION OF CHEVROLAT NIVA from the Class of Suvs to the Classes of Crosso Vers. To date, we recall, this is the cheapest car in the domestic market that has a full -wheel drive System, Distribution and Blocking of An Interdose Differential.

Among The Default Options, The Updated Suv Will incloud Airbags and Annti -Lock System, Which Will Increase Its Price a Little.