Country Chile of andes, Wine, Easter Island

According to the Chilean Legend, God Created the World and Remained with Many “Remnants”: Frightening Glaciers and Rapid Rivers, Valleys and Fjords, Snow -capped Volcanoes And Saparkling Lakes, Forests, Deserts, Arranged by Sandy Beaches. In Order Not to Throw Away All these Beauties, God Placed them in the Hidden Corner of the Earth. So The Country of Chile Came Out of the Light.

The Sights of Chile

On a narrow Strip of Land Called the Country of Chile, There Were Many Attractions. Without a DUBT, You ShOULD VISIT:

Arika, with his his Beautiful Beaches and the Cathedral of San Markos;

Altiplano (altiplano) with volcanoes, salt marshes, lakes on a high plateau;

Attack, Desert, with Thermal Springs in the Oases of My Mother and Peak;

Antofhagasto, The Port Were The Copper Mine of Kikuykamata (Chuquicamata) is located;

San Pedro de Atacama (San Pedro de Atacama), A City, Which is a Real Architectural Oasis;

La Serna, a City Surrounded by the Rich Fruit Gardens of Elqui (Elqui);

Walparaiso, A Port Located in the Area Wheks of the Annoye Offer a Charming BackRound for Green Fields, Vineyars and Orange Groves;

Santiago, The Capital, with the Unique Statue of the Virgin Mary at the Top of Serro-San-Cristobal;

Juan-Fernandes, Islands, Off the Coast of Which Aleksander Selkirk, and Shipwreck;

Easter, Island Where Mystical Moires Are Located;

Rano Kao (Rano Kao), a Volcano with a delightful Snow-White Peak;

Oronko, Caves Painted as a Prehistoric Person.

National Cuisine Chile

Possessing Vast Vineyars, The Country of Chile Is a Famous Manaufacturer and Consumer of Wine. ALSO, Pisco IS Made from Grapes Here – A Strong Liquor, As Well as Chicha and Aguardiente – Graph Brandy. For gourmets, The Country of Chile Has Prepart Saveral Tasty and Original Dishes. First of all, it is: Empanada – Bucking with Meeat, Olives, Eggs, Raisins, Caazula de Ave – Chicken Rice Broth with Vegetables, Bife A Lo Pobre – National Hot, Parrillada – MEEAT COOKDA on charcoal.

Weather in Chile

HAVING A HUGE LENGTH from North to South, The Country of Chile Is Located ONERAL CLIMATIC Zones. In the North, Daytime Temperatures in the Summer Can Reach 40 Degrees, and Nights Lower Below 0 Degrees. In the Middle of the Country, Temperatures do not Rise Abo 30 Degrees, and in Winter, Thermometers Canow Up To 10 Degrees of Frost. In the South, Were The Polar Climate Prevails, There Are Severe Frosts in Winter, and in the Summer, Rarely, Temperatures Reach 15-18 Degrees of Heat.