Noise Insulation of VAZ 2114 with your Own Hands.

The Minimum Knocking Sound Will Surely Spoil the Mood, Even If the VAZ 2114 Itself Is A Fairly Quiet Car. But the is a way out – to make a sound insulation of the car. There are two ways: the first is to contact a special workshop What EVERYONE Will Install; Second – to Perform the Procedure Yourself. The First Option, of Course, Is Simpler, But Also Has Saveral Disadantages. SO, A Significant Amount of Funds Are Required, Not the Fact That Erything Will Be Done Qualitatively. TheFore, It is Better To Use The Second Option.

The Noise Insulation of the Machine, Made on Their Own, IS an Interesting and Laborious Lesson. But, Before Moving On to Execution, Its Necessary to Get Acquainted with Special Literature, Read Information, And Also Talk to Knowledgeable People.

Now you can start directly to work. Initially, it is Necessary to Disassemble The Salon. This Process doz Not Take Much Time and Does Not Require a Lot of Effort. SO, The Front Seats Are Dismantled Quite Simply, If You Do Not Take Into Account the Fact that Torsions Are Very Much Clogged The Brackets. Yes, The Mounting of the Brackets and Some Other Bolts Is Offen Poorly Tightdened. Seats Located Behind Are Removed Even Easier. Next, The Console, Panel Is Removed. During the DISMANTLING, The DETIILS MUST BE MARKED SO as not to get confused.

After -Removable Elements are removed, as well as a Noise Source, You can proceed to the Installation of Sound Insulation. SO, to Exclude Drafts, External Roar, Insulation Material is Mounted on the Body of the Car Body Located Near the. To this, you can use Massive Materials, SincE They Completly Exclude Noise, Processing Mechanical Energy Into Thermal. At the Same Time, A Person Does Not Feel Any Harmful Influence.

It is necessary to isolate the doors of the car without fail. Polyurethane is More Preferable as ISOLATION MATERIAL, SINCE WHEN FORMING HOLES FOR VENTION, Its Not Form Contence.

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This Machine Has One Very Large Drawback – The Cabin Is Not Isoladed from Noise. It is FELT VELL WHEN WHENTDED WINTER TIRES ARETALLED. AFTER ALL, it is shele Creates A Very Noisy Atmosphere When Driving Along The Road with Asphalt Coating. When The Speed ​​of the Machine Exteed 100

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Which Car Owner Doges Not Think ABOUT ELIMINATing Noise and Vibrations in HIS IRON HORSE? Creaks, Rattling, The Noise of the Motor Is Very Annoying on the Road. The Causes of Vibrations are Different, Howver, In this Article We Will Consider to Eliminate themple of Vibration of the VAZ 2114 CAROCU

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It’s no secret that vaz 2114 is endowed with One Significant Drawback – Poor Sound Insulation. Especially the Noise Announces with a Seasonal Change of Summer Rubber to Winter, and At High Speeds to the Noise of the Tires, The Noise of the Engine Running I S Added. To minimize these